Frangi Giovanni

After having graduated in Brera, Giovanni Frangi (Milan, 1959), began a series of shows in Italy and abroad. His work has been followed by Achille Bonito Oliva and Giovanni Testori. In 2004, at the stables of Villa Panza di Biumo, near Varese, Nobu at Elba was born, an emblematic project of refined painting and sculpture. In 2008 Feltrinelli published Giovanni Frangi alle prese con la natura (Giovanni Frangi struggling with nature) written by Giovanni Agosti.

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Giovanni Frangi studied at  the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, in Milan, from 1978 to 1982. 

In 1983 he made his debut in a group of exhibition of young artists and sculptors held at the Rotonda di Via Besana, in Milan, followed by an appearance at Gallery La Bussola, in Turin, his first solo show. Frangi has exhibited widely, both in Italy and abroad, and his development has been keenly observed by authoritative critics, such as Achille Bonito Oliva and Giovanni Testori. He was awarded the Chamber of Deputies Prize in 1996 at the XII Rome Quadriennale which consists in being invited in Montecitorio, the lower house of the Italian Parliament, the year after receiving the award.

In 1999 an exhibition dedicated to him was held at Galleria del Credito Valtellinese in the Refertorio delle stelline, in Milan, which featured a selection of works based on woodland life, introduced in the catalogue by Giovanni Agosti.

In 2000 he held a solo exhibition entitled Giovanni Frangi – viaggio in Italia at Galleria dello Scudo, in Verone, and followed this up with the Giovanni Frangi – Sculture, una mostra per l’estate at Laurence Rubin Gallery, Milan, an exhibition displaying exclusively large-scale works on paper and including an imposing sculpture placed in the garden, entitled Fiordifragola. This marked the start of the artist’s interest in working in the round.

In 2004 Frangi devised Nobu at Elba for the Stables of Villa Menafoglio Litta Panza, in Biumo Superiore, in the outskirts of Varese. This installation comprises four large painted canvases, covering the area of 40 sq m overall, and some twenty sculptures made of burnt foam rubber, onto which a light is trained at regulars intervals, with the aim of eliciting an emotion similar to what one feels near the stream at night in an uninhabited area.

In 2005 he brought Giovanni Frangi- Ti ci porto to Bolzano, where it was put on at Les Chanses de l’Art, while in 2006 Poggiali e Forconi, in Florence, hosted View Master, a natural diorama made of foam rubber divided into two parts which can only be seen through small holes, revealing the bottom of the sea on one side and the thaw on the other. The same work was later reassembled at Promotrice delle Belle Arti, in Turin, as part of the Senza Famiglia exhibition. Giovanni Frangi born in Milan 1959, lives and works in Milan.

In 2007, at the Galleria dello Scudo space at Miart in Milan, he showed his Underwater project, a series of works on emulsified canvases painted with resin and pigments, concentrating on underwater flora. 
The following year he was in Frankfurt, where he compared the shapes of stones using a number of different techniques, and in Udine, where he returned to plants in his engravings.

In 2009, he created his MT 2425 installation for the Oratorio di San Lupo in Bergamo and, in 2010 at the Mart museum in Rovereto, he exhibited a large single work inspired by the public gardens of Milan. At the Credito Bergamasco bank in Bergamo he made Divine - Wallpaper , twelve paintings with small leaves that clad a room like wallpaper, with a carpet of real leaves on the floor.

In 2011 he took part to the LIV Venice Biennale in the Italy Pavilion and he exhibited in Milan La règle du jeu, already exhibited in Rome, but this time enriched with four new paintings.

At Villa Manin in Passariano (Codroipo, Udine), he exhibited a selection of works realized between 2006 and 2011. Then he organized the show Albatros at Galleria Civica d’Arte Contemporanea Montevergini in Siracusa, where his paintings were hung as banners.

In 2012 Mappetook place at Villa Morosini in Polesella (Rovigo), and for the first time he exhibited in India, where he, together with Fragile, set up a room at Sakshi gallery in Mumbai.

Also in 2012 Frangi presented a cycle of artworks on paper called Il Rosso e il Nero at the Galerie du Nord in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

In 2013 the show Sherazade took place at Museo Nazionale di San Matteo, in Pisa.

In 2014 he set up the exhibition Paradisi artificiali at Galleria Raphael12 in Frankfurt, Germany.

On the occasion of the XII Seminario Nazionale of Jonas, he realized a huge banner for the MAXXI of Rome, Mollate le vele. The opening of the new Botanical Garden of Padua University served as an inspiration to a new solo show, Alles ist Blatt, which presented three cycles of works by Frangi.

2014 was the year of his first intervention in a church: Santa Gianna Beretta Molla in Trezzano sul Naviglio, he realized a drawing that develops along all the perimeter of the church, a Stations of the Cross and a great altarpiece.

Between 2014 and 2015 he exhibited Lotteria Farnese, a monumental installation of twenty banners held by self-supporting structures, in the Sala della Meridiana of the National Archaelogical Museum in Naples.

In 2015 one of his many solo shows took place at Galleria Rigassi in Bern and the installation Lotteria Farnese is exhibited at the Palazzo del Credito Bergamasco in Bergamo.

In 2016 a series of artworks on paper is presented in Settembre, at the Istituto Centrale per la Grafica di Roma, and the CAMeC of La Spezia collected his works related to the water theme in Usodimare.

Giovanni Frangi’s works now appear in many exhibitions in Italy and internationally, constantly arousing the interest of leading Italian historians and art critics.

Solo exhibitions


2018 Urpflanze, Tremezzo, Italy
Falsa Primavera, Naples, Italy


2017 Prêt-à-porter, Palazzo Fabroni, Pistoia, Italy


2016 Usodimare, Camec, La Spezia, Italy
Settembre, Istituto Centrale Per La Grafica, Palazzo Poli, Rome, Italy


2015 Lotteria Farnese, Bergamo, Palazzo Credito Bergamasco, Bergamo, Italy
Giovanni Frangi, Galerie Rigassi, Bern, Switzerland
La legge della giungla, M77 GALLERY, Milan, Italy


2014 Lotteria Farnese, Museo Nazionale Archeologico, Naples, Italy
Chiesa di Santa Gianna Beretta Molla, Trezzano sul Naviglio, Italy
Paradisi artificiali, Galerie Raphael 12, Frankfurt, Germany
River. Esperimento domestico, Ferrarin Arte, Legnago, Italy
Giovanni Frangi - Alles ist Blatt, Padova, Italy
Giovanni Frangi - Mollate le vele - uno stendardo per Jonas, Rome, Italy


2013 Giovanni Frangi – Pasadena, Monza, Italy
Giovanni Frangi – Sherazade, Pisa, Italy
Giovanni Frangi – Pasadena, Rapallo, Italy


2012 Giovanni Frangi – Mappe, Polesella, Italy
Giovanni Frangi – Albatros, Siracusa, Italy


2011 Giovanni Frangi - La règle du jeu. Atto secondo. Dieci giardini, Milan, Italy
Giovanni Frangi - Straziante, meravigliosa bellezza del creato, Codroipo, Italy


2010 Giovanni Frangi - Ring-A-Ring-O'Roses, Bolzano, Italy
Giovanni Frangi - Divina. Wallpaper, Bergamo, Italy
Giovanni Frangi - La règle du jeu, Rome, Italy
Giovanni Frangi - Wabi-Sabi, Pietrasanta, Italy
Giovanni Frangi - La scelta del museo, Rovereto, Italy


2009 Giovanni Frangi / Eliseo Mattiacci – Cosmos, Verona, Italy
Giovanni Frangi – Pasadena, Bolzano, Italy
Giovanni Frangi - Giovanni in gennaio, Trento, Italy


2008 Giovanni Frangi - Mt2425, Bergamo, Italy
Giovanni Frangi – Pasadena, Udine, Italy


2006 Giovanni Frangi - View Master, Florence, Italy
Giovanni Frangi - Ti ci porto, Bolzano, Italy


2004 Giovanni Frangi - Take-off, Verona, Italy
Giovanni Frangi - Nobu et Alba, Varese, Italy


Group exhibitions


2014 Segni Moderni, Robecco Sul Naviglio, Italy
Screens. Maestro di epoca Taisho e Giovanni Frangi. Paraventi a confronto, Milan, Italy
Theatralia, Siracusa, Italy


2013 Carta Canta Nel Tempo, Rome, Italy
Opening, Naples, Italy
Milano Vienna Berlino. Testori e la grande pittura europea, Milan, Italy
VI Biennale Nazionale di Incisione Giuseppe Polanschi, Cavaion Veronese, Italy
PlusUltra – Termoli Stanze Pensanti, Salò, Italy
(P). (P)arerga e (P)aralipomena della (P)ittura, Canneto Sull’Oglio, Italy
Un viaggio nella pittura del XX secolo. Pittori contemporanei, Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Italy
I sogni che volano. L'inchiostro nel segno. Stamperia d'arte Albicocco 1974/2013, Codroipo, Italy
Versi apocrifi, Comiso, Italy


2012 La collezione Becchetti, Rome, Italy
Into the white, Milan, Italy
Ethos. Il luogo dell'abitare, Milan, Italy
LOS VERSOS DEL CAPITAN, Pietrasanta, Italy
In calda Sicilia 2, Catania, Italy
Come una bestia feroce, Canneto Sull'Oglio, Italy
Il colore è energia, Milan, Italy
L'Acqua è Energia, Milan, Italy
Elementi: 50x50x4, Catania, Italy
Best Wishes 2012, Trento, Italy
STORYBOARD. Trenta autori per un diario e alcuni corpi estranei, Canneto Sull'Oglio, Italy


2011 Insieme in galleria con…, Bologna, Italy
The First Italian Show, Rome, Italy
Collezione 7x11. La poesia degli artisti, Reggio Nell'Emilia, Italy
Il Bosco d'Amore. Omaggio a Renato Guttuso, Catania, Italy
Solo per una notte, Milan, Italy
Collezione Contemporanea, Forza D'Agrò, Italy  
Un Giardino incantato, Venice, Italy
ShTArt, nasce il collezionismo 2.0, Milan, Italy
Biro show, Milan, Italy


2010 Insieme ad Arte..., Lecco, Italy
Collettiva, Ascoli Piceno, Italy  
cARTacea. Un'altra smazzata, Brescia, Italy  
Collezione 7x11. La poesia degli artisti, Milan, Italy  
42511, Milan, Italy  
Collezione 7 x 11. La poesia degli artisti, Longiano, Italy  
On the paper, Milan, Italy
A Campus Point - Giovanni Frangi, Lecco, Italy  
Obraz10, Milan, Italy  
La tua opera per un bambino, Milan, Italy
Naturæ. Paesaggi contemporanei, Lodi, Italy  
ArtePordenone 2010, Pordenone, Italy  
Arcangelo | Frangi | Hassoun - Impronte di viaggio, Borgomanero, Italy  
(con)TemporaryArt 2010, Milan, Italy  
XXL. ExtraExtraLarge, Milan, Italy  
Paesaggi contemporanei. Dalla visione bucolica allo scenario post-urbano, Bergamo, Italy


2009 ObraXmas, Milan, Italy  
Aiutiamo la pace, Ascoli Piceno, Italy
Wake up, Milan, Italy  
Undercover, Rome, Italy  
Il sorriso del gatto. Arte contemporanea a Milano, Milan, Italy  
Visioni contemporanee del paesaggio urbano, Matera, Italy  
Opening V02, Quarrata, Italy
Plenitudini, San Marino, Republic of San Marino
Contemplazioni. Bellezza e tradizione del nuovo nella pittura italiana contemporanea, Rimini, Italy  
Contemplazioni. Bellezza e tradizione del nuovo nella pittura italiana contemporanea, Rimini, Italy
Asta di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Vercelli, Italy  
Giorni Felici 2009, Novate Milanese, Italy  
Centoingiro: Cento artisti per il centenario del Giro d'Italia, Seregno, Italy  
Italian Calling / Futur star, Canneto Sull'Oglio, Italy
Undercover, Milan, Italy  
I giovani e l'arte: 11 opere raccontano, Rome, Italy 


2008 Aiutiamo la Pace, Ascoli Piceno, Italy  
Design e Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Milan, Italy  
E’ Start, Rome, Italy  
Internazionale 1908-2008. Il Nerazzurro è arte, Milan, Italy  
Buste dipinte, Milan, Italy  
Il Rosso e il Nero. Dall'ideologia degli anni '70 alla pittura contemporanea italiana, Milan, Italy  
Opening V01, Quarrata, Italy
Nerazzurra: 100 artisti per 100 anni di Inter, Seregno, Italy  
Art Intensive!, Arcore, Italy  
Blu, Milan, Italy   
Confronto. Klaus Mehrkens + amici, Treviglio, Italy  
435. A group show, Milan, Italy
Paolo Manazza - I dipinti di un critico presentati dagli artisti, Milan, Italy  
Les Fleurs du Mal, 1857-2007, per Charles Baudelaire, Montepulciano, Italy  
Segni. Viaggio nel disegno contemporaneo, Rome, Italy


2007 Asta di ottobre e asta di beneficienza a favore dell'Amref, Rome, Italy 
La nuova figurazione italiana. To be continued..., Bollate, Italy  
Segni - Viaggio nel disegno contemporaneo, Milan, Italy
Rosengarten, Bolzano, Italy  
Lo stato dell'arte, Milan, Italy
Arte italiana 1968–2007 Pittura, Milan, Italy  
Collective Thinking, Brescia, Italy  
Una mano per l'Ail 2007, Milan, Italy
Ars Rubra, Monza, Italy  
Landscape, Rieti, Italy 


2006 Senza famiglia!, Turin, Italy  
L'idea prende forma, Rome, Italy  
Una raccolta privata a Villa Trecchi. La collezione Cappelletti, Maleo, Italy  
Porte Aperte, Brescia, Italy  
Collettiva, Milan, Italy


2005 Senza dubbio!, Trissino, Italy  
Il paesaggio italiano contemporaneo, Gubbio, Italy  
Senza trucco, Verona, Italy  
Intermedia Painting, Turin, Italy


2004 Gabriele Cappelletti, collezionista, Milan, Italy
Vineart 2004, Bolzano, Italy