“We always talk about artists, much less than galleries. I believe instead that the gallery has a fundamental role, of economic, organizational and promotional support. A bit like in the world of music, where the producer often contributes not little to the success of a talented singer”. — Giorgio Gaburro
“We call ourselves 'researchers' in the art world. It all starts from there: from the artists we choose to support and exhibit in the gallery or in the museums. As well as a company we are cultural operators, whose choices affect the experience, the conscience-I dare say-, of the people. Art has no practical purpose, yet it is essential not to die” — Beatrice Benedetti
Born in 1995 for the passion of its founder Giorgio Gaburro, Boxart is co-directed from 2006 together with Beatrice Benedetti.
The gallery has produced body of works, events, exhibitions and editorial projects with Italian and international artists, such as Daniel Spoerri, Hermann Nitsch, Emilio Isgrò and Liu Bolin. Among the institutions with which the gallery collaborated, there are the Mart Museum in Rovereto, the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna in Rome, the Biennale of Venice, to quote just a few.
Guideline of the gallery activity is the concept of Project Gallery: each project was born through the interchange between the artist, the curator and the gallery, and it is conceived ad hoc for the exhibition spaces of Boxart-in the heart of Verona-or for institutional shows in venues coherent with the message and the intervention of the artist.